dimarts, 26 d’abril de 2011

Latin crossword


3 Talk, tale, story
7 White
8 Unusual, abnormal
11 To dare, act boldly
12 Conversation, talk, rumor
13 To grow less, run out, subside
14 Crowd
17 Widow
18 To paint


1 Celibacy, single life
2 Village, hamlet
4 To admire, regard with wonder
5 To desire, long for
6 (pl.) marriage
9 Boy
10 Husband
11 Donkey
15 Old man
16 To get married

Word List. Here is an alphabetical word list of the Latin words included in the puzzle:
admirari, albus, asinus, audere, coelibatus, cupere, defieri, depingere, fabula, insolitus, nubere, nuptiae, puer, senex, sermo, vicus, vidua, vir, viridis, vulgus